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Department of Arabic

 Arabic department was founded in 1993-1994, a year after reopening Sulaimani University in 1992-1993 and the Kurds' Uprising in 1991.

In addition to fulfilling BA, MA and PhD studies, the Arabic Department linguistically assesses and edits arabic-written MA thesis and PhD dissertations for the students of other departments and colleges of the university.feeling responsible toward the disabled in particular the visually impaired, the department has admitted students annually and they have successfully completed  their studies. 400 students are currently attending classes at Arabic department divided into 4 stages.

 The department has a staff of 30 teaching members divided as the following: 3 Professors, 9 assistant Professors. , 8 lecturers, 10 assistant lecturers.

The Council of Arabic department for the year (2016-2017) consists of the following members:



              Name                                         Level of  Membership 


1) Assist. Pro. Dr. Hersh M. Amin                                                    Head of Council                    

2) Assist. Pro. Dr. Kawthar Mohammad Ahmad                                    Member

3) Pro. Dr. Dahir Latif Karim Muhsin                                                       Member

4) Pro. Dr. Niyan Nawsherwan Fuad Maruf                                            Member

5) Pro. Dr. Dlsoz Jafar Hussein Ahmad                                                    Member

6) Assist. Pro. Dr.Taha Salih Amen Aga                                                   Member

7) Assist. Pro. Dr. Abdul wahab Abdullah Abdul Rahim                      Member

8) Assist. Pro. Dr. Hiwa Abdullah Kareem                                              Member

9) Assist. Pro. Dr. Ismaeel Ibrahim Mustafa Essa                                 Member

10) Assist. Pro. Dr. Hazha Abbas Ali                                                        Member

11) Assist. Pro. Dr. Idrees Karim Muhammad Ali                                  Member

12) Dr. Awaz Mahmood Muhammad                                                        Member

13)  Dr. Rawshan Abdul-satar Mustafa Fatah                                          Member

14)  Dr. Dalya Ahmed Musa Khidir                                                            Member

15) Dr. Nawroz Shawkat Muhammad Saeed                                           Member

16) Dr. Tishko Othman Arif Maruf                                                             Member

17) Dr. Zana Shabaz Karim Mustafa                                                         Member

18) Dr. Nian Othman Sharif                                                                        Member

19) Dr. Kurdia Ahmad Hassan Salih                                                        Member