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Department of Arabic

 Arabic department was founded in 1993-1994, a year after reopening Sulaimani University in 1992-1993 and the Kurds' Uprising in 1991.

In addition to fulfilling BA, MA, and Ph.D. studies, the Arabic Department linguistically assesses and edits Arabic-written MA thesis and Ph.D. dissertations for the students of other departments and colleges of the university. feeling responsible toward the disabled in particular the visually impaired, the department has admitted students annually and they have successfully completed their studies. 400 students are currently attending classes in the Arabic department divided into 4 stages.

 The department has a staff of 28 teaching members divided into the following: 6 Professors, 4 Assistant Professors. , 12 lecturers, 1 lecturer, and 5 assistant lecturers.

The Department of Arabic Language at the University of Sulaymaniyah is distinguished within the framework of teaching foreign languages, by providing comprehensive knowledge of the Arabic language. Also developing students' skills and activating the role of the Arabic language to bring up a generation that is aware of its role in society, capable of meeting the needs of the nation, and striving to consolidate and establish higher values in the education process and its mission in this field which is renewal, balance, and development.


 Vision of the department                                                                                                                                                                     The Department of Arabic Language at the University of Sulaymaniyah, being the mother university, aspires to be the leading institution and in the first place for graduating staff who are effective and familiar with the Arabic language and literature. In order to provide the best services in institutions, various facilities, and what the Kurdish community needs, on all levels of knowledge, culture and including services, consultations and needs. The Arabic department seeks to participate in shaping the future of Arabic language and literature studies and how to develop it by learning and teaching it.


Objectives, plan of the department

The strategic objectives of the department  

1.  Raising the efficiency of institutional performance And faculty members to provide academic, administrative, and scientific leaders

2. Raising the efficiency of graduate students by developing their scientific and leadership capabilities, emphasizing the concept of total quality.

3. Developing scientific research and improving its scientific level to suit the needs of society.

4. Opening channels of communication with other governmental institutions, civil society institutions, and the private sector concerned with the department's specialization.

Administrative Staff


Academic  Title


Head  of  Department

Asst. Professor 

Kurdia Ahmed Hassan

Head  Assistant

Asst. Professor

 Zana Shabaz Karim Mustafa 

The Council of Arabic department of the Academic year ( 2020-2021) Consists of the following members.


Council Rank



Head of Council

Asst. Prof. Dr. Kurdia Ahmed Hassan



Prof. Dr. Dahir Latif Karim Muhsin



Prof. Dr. Niyan Nawsherwan Fuad Maruf



Prof. Dr. Dlsoz Jafar Hussein Ahmad



Prof. Dr. Hersh M. Amin



Prof. Dr. Hiwa Abdullah Kareem  



Assist. Prof. Dr. Ismaeel Ibrahim Mustafa Essa



Dr. Zana Shabaz Karim Mustafa