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Kurdish Department

Kurdish department is the first and oldest department in the School of languages of University of Sulaimany. It was founded in 1992 and they began teaching on 14/11/1992. The department currently has a total 428 students divided as the following: 1st year (82)students, 2nd (133) students, 3rd year (109) students, 4th year (104) students. Kurdish department has also a staff of 34 teaching members divided as the following: 8 Professors, 14 assistant Professors. , 8 lecturers , 4 assistant lecturers. the Council of Kurdish department for the year (2014-2015) consists of the following members:
              Name                                                            Level of Membership 

1) Assist. Pro. Dr. Karwan Omer Qadir Ahmad                   Head of Council                    
2) Pro. Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Saeed                                      Member
3) Pro. Dr. Bakir Omar Ali Maruf                                             Member
4) Pro. Dr. Dlshad Ali Mohammad Wahab                               Member
5) Pro. Dr. Dlshad Ali Mohammad Wahab                               Member
6) Pro. Dr. Muhamed Abdulfatah Saeed                                   Member
7) Pro. Dr. Fadhil Majid Mahmod Qasim                                 Member
8) Assist. Pro. Dr. Tahir Mohamad Ali Mohamad                    Member
9) Assist. Pro. Dr. Anwar Kader Mohammad Ahmad              Member
10) Assist. Pro. Dr. Abubaker  Omer Qader                             Member
11) Assist. Pro. Dr. Osman Abdul Barzinji                              Member
12) Assist. Pro. Dr. Abduljabar Mustafa Maroof Sayd            Member
13) Dr. Tara Abdulla Said Kadir                                              Member

Aim of the Department:
The aim of Kurdish department is to teach and create professional and academic cadres and specialists in Kurdish language, linguistics and critical literature in order to serve and develop educational, intellectual and media foundations and associations

Vision and Mission
Kurdish department carries the message of making Kurdish intellectualism scientific and aims to conduct research and make investigations in both (Kurdish language and literature). the department also want to make the product of their research the bases of our nation's culture and become an active part of the culture of humanity.