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Department of Translation

The Department of Translation (DoT) is one of the new departments of the College of Languages at the University of Sulaimani. The department was founded in 2014 and it has enrolled students in the same academic year. 


Achieving top-quality academic education in the area of translation, promoting the latest knowledge, innovation, and creativity, and contributing to community needs.


To become a pioneer and a leading college in the field of translation, to introduce the world’s cultures and civilizations, and to contribute to the building process of a knowledge-based society.


·         Developing the skills of the students in the field of translation and training them to translate all sorts of texts.

·         Responding to market needs.

·         Encouraging research and publication in the fields of translation.

·         Participating in international conferences.

·         Providing public and private sectors with expertise and specialized translator, interpreter, and consultancy.

·         Serving the community by offering translation and interpreting services.  

The Council of Translation Department


Academic Title


 Trifa Omer Ahmed   

 Assistant Professor

 Head of Council

 Miran Jalal Mohammed



 Umed Qadir Muhammad Ameen



Fatima Jalal Taher



 Fazil Jamal Mustafa

 Assistant Lecturer


 Ashti Anwar Mohammed

 Assistant Lecturer


 Ghareeb Sali Salih

 Assistant Lecturer


Administrative Staff


Academic Title


Trifa Omer Ahemd

Assistant Professor

Head of Department

Harem Abdullah Majeed

Assistant Lecturer

Head Assistant

Shano Salam

Assistant Researcher

Admin Staff


Assistant Researcher

Admin Staff


Members of the Academic Staff

1.      Assist. Prof. Dr.    Trifa Umer Ahmed

2.     Lect. Dr.                 Umed Qadir Muhammad Ameen

3.     Lect. Dr.                 Miran Jalal Muhammad

4.     Lect. Dr.                 Farhad Tofiq Hassan

5.     Lect.                        Fatima Jalal Taher

6.     Assist. Lect.           Fazil Jamal Mustafa

7.     Assist. Lect.           Azad Ali Muhmmed

8.      Assist. Lect.          Ghareeb Salih Salih

9.     Assist. Lect.           Rasti Nawzad Ahmed

10.     Assist. Lect.         Raz Faraidoon Abdulrahman

11.   Assist. Lect.           Kurdistan Mohammed Qadir 

12.   Assist. Lect.           Zhala Sabah Mohammed Noori

13.   Assist. Lect.           Shaho Burhan Abdula 

14.   Assist. Lect.           Ashti Anwar Mohammed

15.   Assist. Lect.           Asma Jasim Muhammad

16.   Assist. Lect.           Hawar Sdiq Saeed

17.   Assist. Lect.           Papula Star Mustafa

18.   Assist. Lect.          Harem Abdulla Majeed

19. Assist. Lect.             Daban Mohammed Haji

The following teaching staff members are currently on leave:

1.      Assist. Prof. Dr.  Rebwar Zainadin Muhammad

2.      Assist. Lect.         Kawa Othman Omer Ahmed

3.      Assist. Lect.         Sonya Sherzad Hassan

4.      Assist. Lect.         Narmin Omer Ahmed

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