College of Languages

Department of Translation


The Department of Translation was established in 2014 in a bid to offer a superb higher education in translation and interpreting. It provides a number of courses, such as language and cultural studies, linguistics, and translation theories and practice, to equip students with the professional and academic skills that are crucial in conducting translating and interpreting tasks.

Department Vision:

The vision of the Department of Translation is to become an international center for promoting professionalism in all areas of translation and interpreting in order to boost intercultural communication and studies.

Department Mission:

The mission of the Department of translation is to offer outstanding and integrated programmes in translation and interpreting so as to produce professional translators and interpreters who can also pursue postgraduate studies. The Department of Translation aims to:

» build and develop translation and interpreting competency.

» build a strong relationship with the public and private sectors in terms of translation and interpreting consultancy and solutions, employability and increasing knowledge;

» create grounds for research and innovation in translation and interpreting.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of their studies, graduates will be able to:

» demonstrate knowledge through communication skills.

» demonstrate knowledge of the similarities and differences between English and Kurdish in terms of language, culture, and literature.

» demonstrate knowledge about various translation and interpreting theories, strategies, and procedures.

» develop translation skills and employ them in translating texts of different genres, registers, and text types.

» develop interpreting skills that can be used in different settings.

» pursue postgraduate studies in translation and interpreting.

» analyze source texts and identify any textual features that are important to be considered in producing target texts.

Study Methods:

Study in this department provides theoretical backgrounds and practical training, which are crucial for working as professional translators and interpreters. In this program, students are required to take a variety of courses, some of which are devoted to the study of English, Kurdish, literature, and culture. These courses increase the student’s competence in language and culture and prepare them for practical training in translation and interpreting. Students will also take theoretical courses in translation and interpreting as well as practical courses in various areas of translation and interpreting.


The language combination offered in this program so far is English and Central Kurdish.


The duration of the undergraduate program, i.e., the Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting, is four years. The first year is the foundation year, during which students take courses that are essential for preparing them for the degree. From the second year to the fourth year, students take courses that allow them to complete the degree.

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