College of Languages

Department of Kurdish


The Kurdish department is the first and oldest department in the college of languages at the University of Sulaimani. It was established in 1992, and teaching in the department first started on November 14, 1992. Currently, the department continues to offer students a bachelor’s degree in Kurdish language and literature.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to morning classes, our department also offers evening classes since the academic year of (2019-2020), and numerous students continue their studies in the department annually. Furthermore, postgraduate studies opened in (1997-1998), and since then, based on the department’s academic needs, students have been provided with opportunities to obtain postgraduate degrees at the levels of diploma, master’s, and doctoral.

Department Vision:

The Kurdish department aims to enhance students’ abilities to introduce Kurdish language and literature. To achieve this end, the department’s programs have been tailored in such a way that they provide meticulous details on the theories and directions of language on the one hand and provide a grounding to discuss concepts of linguistics and applied linguistics on the other hand. In addition to the linguistic topics, literature is another constituent of the department’s fabric. Literature aids the students in developing reflective and critical skills, and within the literature modules, students are trained to think and behave logically and scientifically. Therefore, the Kurdish department, through a comprehensive and informative program, practically develops the abilities of students in the fields of Kurdish language and literature. All of these are implemented with the efforts and academic endeavors of an experienced academic staff, who collectively play a crucial role in educating a generation enriched with science and knowledge while paving the way for job opportunities in various fields.

Department Mission:

  • To educate students to obtain an accredited bachelor’s and/or higher education degree in the field of (Kurdish language and literature).
  • To create a competent and expert personality in such a way that they will have a scientific mind to research and explore the cultural, linguistic, and literary wealth of our nation.
  • To train students on (logical thinking, evaluation, analytical ability, and scientific discussion).
  • To introduce students to various scientific resources and teach them how to write scientific research following a specific method.

Learning Outcomes:

Graduates from the Kurdish department will be specialists and experts in various subjects of Kurdish language and literature, as well as in teaching Kurdish language and literature.

Study Methods:

Most of the lectures in the Kurdish department are theoretical and practical, and the practical lectures comprise research conducted by both lecturers and students.


The primary language of instruction is Kurdish, and the secondary languages are English and Persian.


The duration of the undergraduate B.A. study in our department is four academic years, with two semesters per year. The two semesters of the first stage include some general topics and backgrounds, which will provide a solid foundation for strengthening students’ personal skills. Students learn English, Persian, and computer science. In all of the subsequent semesters, students will study the general specialties of the Kurdish language and literature.

Academic Staff:

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