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College of Languages

We aim to produce conscious, experienced, and expert individuals for our community who will contribute significantly to the advancement of society in all areas of life and who can easily find employment opportunities in the labor market.
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Dean’s Word

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About Us

College of Languages trains academics in the fields of linguistics, translation, and various fields of literature.

Currently, the College of Languages has (40) MA students and (58) PhD students at different phases of their studies. Up to now, (3) one-year higher diplomas, (328) master's degrees, and (139) doctorates have been awarded in the College of Languages.
  • Mission

    The College of Languages focuses on the ability of students to conduct research in various fields of language and literature in a skillful and effective manner through their mother tongues or their target languages.
  • Vision

    The main vision of the College of Languages is to teach and train experts and academics in the fields of language, linguistics, translation, various fields of literature, criticism, literary theory, and comparative literature.
  • Goal

    Due to the fact that linguistics and literary subjects are main parts of the humanities, through the college’s aim, conscious and responsible students who respect others’ different opinions are produced.
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College of Languages

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