9 January, 2024

College of Languages: Awards are given to the successful students


College of Languages: Awards are given to the successful students

On Monday, January 8, 2024, at the College of Languages, specifically in Professor Dr. Ezaddin Mustafa Rasul Hall, an event titled “Orientation for First-Stage Students at the College of Languages” was conducted. This activity was organized by the student’s representative of the College of Languages and carried out under the supervision of the college deanery.

The ceremony began with a moment of silence in remembrance of the souls of the College of Languages’ students. Subsequently, Prof. Dr. Shakhawan Jalal Haji Faraj, the Dean of the College of Languages, delivered a speech. In addition to extending congratulations for the new academic year and expressing joy for the first-grade students, he emphasized important instructions and points for the students to observe, contributing to the university and college’s development. With this objective in mind, he wished success to all students. Following that, the students’ general representative delivered a speech.

As part of the appreciation gestures during the event, an accolade was awarded to the top three students from both the morning and evening departments at the College of Languages. Additionally, Dr. Jutiar Omer Saleh, a Lecturer at the English department and the leader of the college’s Gardens Greening Committee, conducted a seminar on environmentalism and animal welfare. The seminar incorporated digital visuals and comprehensive guidelines for environmental protection, aiming to promote a healthy university environment. As a culmination of the seminar’s objectives, a tree-planting initiative was orchestrated, resulting in the planting of 100 trees in the diverse and visually enchanting gardens surrounding the college. With the completion of these activities, the event concluded.Dsc03453[1] Dsc03211[1] Dsc03193[1] Dsc03190[1] Dsc03175[1] Dsc03161[1] Dsc03164[1] Dsc03211[1] Dsc03194[1]

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Viber Image 2024 05 13 18 57 43 715

ژمارەیەک لە مامۆستایان و توێژەرانى زمان و ئەدەبی فارسی زانکۆکانی ئێران، سەردانى کۆلێجی زمان دەکەن

ڕۆژی دووشەممە، ڕێکەوتی ١٣/٥/٢٠٢٤، ژمارەیەک لە مامۆستایان و توێژەرانى زمان و ئەدەبی فارسی، کە لە زانکۆکانى ئێرانەوە بە سەردانێک هاتبوونە شارى سلێمانى، لەمیانی گەشتەکەیاندا، بە یاوەریی بەرپرسی بەشی پەیوەندییە ڕۆشنبیرییەکانى کونسوڵگەرى کۆمارى ئیسلامى ئێران: بەڕێز حەسەنپوور، سەردانى کۆلێجی زمان و بەشی زمان و ئەدەبی فارسییان کرد. مەبەست لەم دیدارە، لە نزیکەوە ئاشنابوون بوو بە مامۆستایانى بەشی فارسی و گۆڕینەوەی بیروڕای زانستی لەنێوان هەردوولادا. هەر لەم دیدارەدا سەرۆکی بەشی فارسیی کۆلێجەکەمان و میوانان، کتێبخانەى گشتیى زانکۆى سلێمانی و بەشە جیاوازەکانى کتێبخانەیان بەسەر کردەوە

On Monday, May 13, 2024, a delegation comprising lecturers and researchers specializing in linguistics and literature from Iranian universities, led by Mr. Hassanpour, the head of the Cultural Relations Department of the Islamic Republic of Iran, visited Sulaimani. The primary aim of their visit was to engage closely with the faculty members of the Persian Department of our college, fostering an exchange of scholarly ideas and perspectives. As part of their itinerary, the delegation, accompanied by the head of our Persian Department, explored various sections of Sulaimani University’s Central Library.Viber Image 2024 05 13 18 57 43 715 Viber Image 2024 05 13 18 57 52 826 Viber Image 2024 05 13 18 58 03 904 Viber Image 2024 05 13 18 58 11 789 Viber Image 2024 05 13 18 58 27 287

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بەشی وەرگێڕانی کۆلیژی زمان لە زانکۆی سلێمانی سیمینارێک بۆ بەڕێز (پ. د. شوان جەعفەر) مامۆستا لە زانکۆی (ستراسبورگ) لە فەڕەنسا ڕێک دەخات

بەشی وەرگێڕانی کۆلیژی زمان لە زانکۆی سلێمانی، بە ئامادەبوونی بەڕێز پارێزگاری سلێمانی و ڕاگری کۆلێژ، لە ڕێکەوتی ٦/٥/٢٠٢٤دا هەستا بە ڕێکخستنی سیمینارێک لە هۆڵی (پ. د. عیزەدین مستەفا ڕەسووڵ) بۆ بەڕێز (پ. د. شوان جەعفەر) مامۆستا لە زانکۆی (ستراسبورگ) لە فەڕەنسا، سەبارەت بە (ئەزموونی وەرگێڕان لە کوردییەوە بۆ فەڕەنسی)، لەو سیمینارەدا تیشک خرایە سەر ژیاننامەی نووسەر و ئەزموونەکانی. کتێبی (چیاکانی ئازادی، پانۆرامای شانۆی کوردیی عێراق) کرایە نموونەی پێشەنگی ئەو سیمینارە. ئامادەبووان کۆمەڵێک پرسیار و تێبینییان ئاراستەی نووسەر کرد و سیمینارەکە بە سەرکەوتوویی کۆتایی هات

The Translation Department at the College of Language of Suleiman University, in the esteemed presence of the Governor of Sulaimani and the Dean of the College, hosted a seminar on May 6, 2024 in the Hall of Prof. Ezadin Mustafa Rasoul. The event featured Prof. Shuan Jaafar, a lecturer at the University of Strasbourg in France, focusing on the intricacies of translating from Kurdish to French. Discussions centered on the author’s biography and experiences, with particular emphasis on the book “Mountains of Freedom, Paranorma of Iraqi Kurdish Theater.” Engaging dialogue ensued, with participants posing questions and sharing insights, culminating in a successful conclusion to the seminar.Dsc05684 Dsc05679 Dsc05688 Dsc05690 Dsc05687 Dsc05682 Dsc05681 Dsc05678 Dsc05673 Dsc05675 Dsc05676 Dsc05677 Dsc05672 Dsc05671 Dsc05669 Dsc05668 Dsc05697 Dsc05696 Dsc05700 Dsc05695 Dsc05694 Dsc05692 Dsc05691 Dsc05663 Dsc05661 Dsc05685 Dsc05686 Dsc05660 Dsc05659 Dsc05658 Dsc05653 Dsc05647 Dsc05648 Dsc05649 Dsc05650 Dsc05664 Dsc05666 Dsc05656

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